Dining options at Oklahoma City, OK senior living

Dining at Storey Oaks of Oklahoma City


One of Storey Oaks’ unique initiatives and a key distinction for our community is how we approach dining. We’ve “set our table” to raising an industry standard by adopting some of the nation’s most compelling research related to the proper nutritional care for those who live daily with Alzheimer’s and the effects it causes.

Great dining table at Storey Oaks of Oklahoma City in Oklahoma City

RED PLATESRed plate dining information at Storey Oaks of Oklahoma City

A Boston University research study revealed that those with Alzheimer’s consume 25 percent more when eating from red plates. Through plate color and food contrast, we’re improving appetite and maintaining weight.

DINING CUESDining Cues dining information at Storey Oaks of Oklahoma City

From the artwork meant to stimulate appetite to the plate presentation providing a visual of the meal choices when placing an order, we’re outfitting our dining rooms with the sights, sounds and smells of food to reinforce the dining experience.

FINGER FOODSFinger Foods dining information at Storey Oaks of Oklahoma City

To combat weight loss of residents who may feel restless or experience an innate need to wander, finger foods such as chicken strips, paninis, and wraps make eating that much easier for those on the go.

TAILORED CONSISTENCYTailored Consistency information at Storey Oaks of Oklahoma City

Dementia, stroke, and even Parkinson’s sometimes cause swallowing difficulty (dysphagia) requiring a pureed diet. Since the appetizing appeal of food often begins with what the eyes see, our trained chef can puree foods and shape them deliciously close to their original form.

LIFT-WARE™Lift-Ware information at Storey Oaks of Oklahoma City

A University of Michigan study validated that using Lift-Ware™ stabilizes utensils due to tremors by up to 70 percent, helping residents maintain their independence and dignity. We’re proud to offer this wonderfully empowering technology.

HYDRATION THERAPEUTICSHydration Therapeutics information at Storey Oaks of Oklahoma City

Drinking plenty of fluids contributes to overall health and reduces the risks of dehydration and possibly urinary tract infections. Residents engage in selecting recipes and creating healthy beverages – including our flavored waters – that make hydration fun!

ASSISTED DININGAssisted Dining information at Storey Oaks of Oklahoma City

Should memory loss affect a resident’s ability to dine independently, our Resident Specialists offer an ever increasing level of attention including one on one assistance with hand over hand dining in order to provide a dignified dining experience.


Storey Oaks dining also features:

  • Jamber Mugs
  • Warm Scented Washcloths
  • Aromatherapy